S. Cary, Potter

Chicken Love

Welcome! My intention is to use this site to showcase some of my favorite work and help others understand the process and the joys of art made of clay.

I fell in love with clay in college,  but life got in the way and it was many years later when I could pursue classes and start the long journey into what has become my passion.

I love to throw on the wheel, and also have been drawn more and more to hand building with slabs and coils, adding texture, and experimenting with color. Almost everything is meant to be functional, but I also believe in adding a touch of whimsy.

All my functional pieces are made of mid-range stoneware clay and finished with food appropriate glazes, to withstand dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, and everyday life.

Many pieces are for sale, and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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