About Packaging and Shipping

Most items ship via USPS, and international, although it takes more time, is also available.

I hope to wrap and pack your pieces as securely as possible, but if anything arrives broken, please contact me right away.

I attempt to reduce the use of plastic waste as much as I can in packaging your purchase—so I use recycled bubble wrap, cardboard, paper, and any packing peanuts are biodegradable.  I hope you will continue the effort and reuse, recycle, or compost these materials as much as possible.

Recently, I discovered Ranpak (www.ranpak.com)- a wonderful material for cushioning pottery for mailing – works like bubble wrap but made entirely of paper. And one of my customers discovered it makes great entertainment for cats, too.


Fairy Garden Project

Here are some Fairy Houses that I made especially for the fairies in our garden. We hope some will move in.

I will soon be making kits available for those who want to invite their local fairies into their gardens.

Fairy Garden Example
Fairy House Garden in a Pot

Fairy Garden Kit

– Hand Made by SCary Potter –


  • Fairy House
  • Handmade Stepping Stones
  • Gravel for Path or Stream-bed
  • Miniature Boulders
Kit contents
Kit includes the House, Handmade Stepping Stones, Miniature Boulders, and Gravel for your Path or Streambed.

You Add:

  • Plants (such as creeping thyme, Irish moss, baby tears, or other low-growing plants)
  • Pot with Good Potting Soil (or an outdoor space in the ground)
  • Imagination    
6″ tall Fairy House with a rusty-red roof, set into the Pot Garden

The Versatile Square Dish

These small plates can be a great addition to your tableware or anywhere. Use them for snack plates, dessert, appetizers, small serving dishes, or as candle holders, saucers, spoon rests, soap dishes. What will you do with yours?

They, of course, like all our stoneware, are dishwasher safe, microwaveable, oven safe.

I make these as one-of-a-kind, but some are coordinated and could be sets, or can be ordered as a matching set if desired. They stack well in the cupboard – ready to come out and play whenever you want them.

the Owl Project

Owl Salt Shaker Collection
The Owl Project

Whoooo do you know?

Just like real owls, my Crazy Critter Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers come in all shapes and colors.